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Whatever the occasion

Why not go one step further and book one of our top karaoke road shows? Karaoke is a great way to entertainment your guests and create a great atmosphere as well as having a good laugh with your friends.

Karaoke has had its ups and downs, it was very popular when it first hit our shores in the eighties and has suffered a few lows during the nineties but now it is more popular than ever. Technology has moved on over the years making karaoke more accessible and more fun than ever.
Karaoke has got to be one of the best ways to chill out with your friends and become a real super star for the a few minutes.

We can supply you whatever suits your needs:

A stand alone karaoke system, set up and ready for you to operate yourself. A complete Karaoke system complete with a presenter to ensure you party goes with a bang. Why not combine a karaoke and full mobile disco, this gives you the best of both worlds

Prices from £200

What you get:

DJ with nightclub experience high standard of mixing
Sound system suitable for up to 250
Black or white star lit DJ Booth set up
Star lit Globes to match DJ Booth
Disco lights to create the party atmosphere
All the current music

Ask about upgrading our prom package with a nightclub sound system, star lit drapes and party photography or anything from the list below


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