Star lit drapes


Turn any room in to something spectacular with our drape systems.

Turn a space from cold to cosy in no time at all with our elegant and luxurious drapes. Even the greyest, dullest room can be totally transformed with this wonderful decorative addition, which are lit up with stars to create an absolutely magical effect. No-one will be thinking about the room that was when they see this set-up! Jaw drops and wide-eyed awe are a guarantee!

Choose from drapes of varying length, including 6 metre, 9 metre, and 12 metre drapes, or a combination of these for longer rooms or more dramatic effects.

Stars in their eyes from £100

  • 6 metre drapes – £100
  • 9 metre drapes – £150
  • 12 metre drapes – £200

Significant reductions on individual prices with our event packages.

Obsession Packages